All You Need to Know About the Certificate of Disposition

1Definition of certificate of disposition

It’s an official document provided by a court that states a case, the case could be on current status or it is over and has a final disposition.

Why people need a certificate of disposition?

People need certificate of disposition because many reasons, probably they were a defendant in a misdemeanors or a felony or criminal case, but needs a document that proofs that the case is over or has a final disposition. Also a certificate of disposition can be ordered when people need to apply for a job, to apply for citizenship to the US, for a driver license or rent a new apartment, for example.

Documents needed to request a certificate of disposition

In order to request a certificate of disposition the following information is necessary: Full name, county where the case was issued and date of birth. It would also be very helpful if the date of arrest and/or the docket number is available at the time of the request.

Certificate of disposition for Immigration cases

When filling an immigration case its key to have a certificate of disposition for each criminal case. Therefore its important that you have a certificate of disposition for each criminal case which would determine if the conviction falls or not under the type of conviction covered in immigration law, essential requirement that proofs a good criminal record.

What will the certificate of disposition for the Notary application contain?

The Certificate of Disposition will contain what offense(s) the person was charged with, what kind of offense(s) was convicted of if any, what date was convicted and the criminal sentence imposed.