How to Get Help Getting a Certificate of Disposition

How to get help getting a Certificate of Disposition


If you need to get a Certificate of Disposition from a specific New York court, you may know that it can take quite a while to get. Not only do you have to complete the paperwork but you also have to stand in line to file the request. Then you have to wait for the Certificate of Disposition to be available, which can take a week or more.

If you need a Certificate of Disposition quickly, however, there is a way to get one. Get help from someone who deals with them every day.

Hire a company to get the Certificate of Disposition for you — There are companies in New York that specialize in getting these certificates for clients. They charge a small fee, plus the cost of the certificate and then they do all the work for you.

They complete the paperwork correctly for that particular court and that particular certificate. They then go to the court house and file the paperwork. They return several days later to pick it up and then mail it to you.

Getting a certificate faster — These services are excellent as not only can they often get you the certificate you need a lot easier than you can, they can often get it faster as well.

This is due to the company they work for knowing people at the court house and so getting preferential treatment over someone like you trying to do it yourself.

Which service should you use? — There are quite a few of these services available in New York, but it pays to hire one of the best.

Read reviews about each service and hire the one that seems to be the most liked and to have the shortest waiting times for certificate delivery.


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