Certificate Of Disposition Of New York

1When you are having to deal with matters of the law in New York court cases of crimes committed you will be better suited to always get a Certificate of Disposition for your personal records.

A certificate of disposition is a written account that has been legally certified from a clerk’s office of a higher Court of what exactly happened in a particular criminal case you are having to deal with in New York criminal court cases.

Only a defendant, their lawyer or someone that has been given a written notification that has been notarized will be able to get a copy of this certificate of disposition.

You can only get this certificate in New York City or Upstate New York as well. You may not get this document anywhere outside of these places.

You will be able to get an original copy as well as any other copies you might need of your certificate of disposition by mail as well as have other copies faxed or emailed to you when you pay the fee of One Hundred dollars plus court cost flat fee with no waiting as you will have your certificate within one week of a request so that you can have your certificate of disposition for your personal records.

It is very important to have a copy of this certificate for your records so that just in case any errors should ever happen to occur in any form with computers as well as any human errors or some other kind of errors losing your files somehow you will be able to prove exactly what it is your case deals with and the charges and claims of said case in New York.