Certificate of Disposition Info

1Frequently Asked Questions about the Certificate of Disposition

What is a certificate of disposition?

It holds the current details about a criminal case. The details will either be what is happening currently or it will be a final decision. All of these have a marked seal from the courts.

How much do the courts charge for something like this?

Every time you come to the courts you will be charged $100 for one disposition. There is a fee attached to this. You will be charged about $10 for each one you ask for. Say for example you are looking for 5 of these. You will be charged about $550.

Now, this price tag is for when you go to separate courts in New York to get them. Those who only go to one court will be charged $10 for each additional one. In this case, the price tag could be about $150-160.

Is there rush delivery for this?

Yes, there is. Most of the time, it will take about 1 week to deliver. There are some cases where the turnaround time is delayed a bit, but this is only in extreme cases.

How will it come?

It comes by first-class mail. Once we have it in our system we will send it out. Those who need it sooner can pay an extra $20. This will guarantee an overnight delivery.

What happens when the case is sealed?

It can still be obtained. You will need to get an original authorization from a notary. The offices need the original forms. This is the only way the certificate can go through.

You can get these in any state. Contact your state Certificate of Disposition office to find out how and the rates that apply.