Certificate Of Disposition

A certificate of disposition is a one-page document certified the record of what happened in a particular criminal case. It’s a flat free rate to retrieve and you can retrieve a copy from the clerk office in either the criminal court or the Supreme court. With the flat fee rate to retrieve your certificate of disposition, you can usually receive it in one week or sooner, so it’s definitely a quick turnaround process. The original copy is always mailed out to you and copies can be emailed to you or faxed over to you.

What is the Certificate Disposition

The certificate of disposition also known as COD states the final disposition or the current status. If your case is sealed you need a written permission of the defendant and proper identification, but if you are the defendant you only need proof of your identification and a picture I.D.

Why you need the Certificate of Disposition

Reasons, why you will need the certificate of disposition, is one being that you can have proof that the case has been cleared before opening a new one because having more than one case open can have a major impact on a new case that is currently open. Another reason is that it’s important when applying for a job or even applying for citizenship in the U.S. or another country. You will need the certificate of disposition so that it can proves that you have been and good standing and staying out of trouble since your last case. It will prove that since your last case you have had a good criminal record. Applying for citizenship in the U.S. you will need your Certificate of Disposition to provide to the department of homeland security. Once you have completed the application you will submit your papers to immigration services. They will need to look at the previous background.


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