Certificate of Disposition


Certificate of Disposition:

A certificate of disposition is an important document that is obtained through the courts. If someone is convicted of a crime they will at one point have to appear before a judge and answer the charges. However in some cases depending upon the offense a person may receive a lighter sentence.

When the law is broken only the courts can determine what the sentence should be. Many times a first offense will allow a judge to hand down a much lighter sentence as opposed to a repeat offender. However, once a person has paid their dues to society a certificate of disposition must be obtained.

A certificate of disposition basically explains that the person had followed whatever sentence handed down by the courts and the original case has been concluded. Essentially, the original charges or case that followed is now closed. A disposition does not erase the offense it merely explains that the person charged has fulfilled their obligation as far as paying for the crime which was committed.

A certificate of this nature is critically important. Without the Certificate of Disposition any charges or legal case which followed has not yet been settled. The attorney normally takes care of disposition documents for the client. The disposition must be witnessed and signed by a judge.

A certificate of disposition is important for many reasons. For example, if the person was seeking employment, this certificate may be required prior to any hiring decision being made. Most organizations are not anxious to hire someone with an outstanding record. A certificate of disposition essentially clears the person of the past offense. This important document becomes a permanent part of the individuals file. The court clerk in charge of records normally handles the documents as far as updating the persons file and making sure all information is recorded correctly in case any questions or concerns arise.

An issuance of a certificate of disposition will many times show up on a criminal background check. Therefore, it is very important the document is obtained and filed properly.


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