Certificate of Disposition

certificate-od-dispositionTo start things of the given resource describes what exactly a certificate of disposition is. The website describes the Certificate of Disposition as a document which goes into great detail either on the full status or final condition of a criminal case. It later states that the certificate will have had the court seal raised. The given website even shows an example of the Certificate of Disposition looks like having the defendant’s name, date of arrest, city, state and zip code.

The website goes onto explain what is the certificate is for reasons concerning bail exoneration. It goes on to state that in the situation of bail exoneration it is a document that shows that bail was exonerated in a criminal case. It goes on to tell the reader that if a bond within criminal case is reported and that the criminal case is now officially over, you’ll need to obtain a certificate that proves that the bail was clear to be able to receive your collateral back. It should be also mentioned that the bail bondsman one will actually need to require one with the court seal.

The website goes onto more detail discussing the prices involving the Certificate of Disposition as well how to obtain one. A Certificate of Disposition will normally be charged around the price of $100.00 plus the $10.00 court fee, if the client has more than one court fee then they will only be charge $10.00 for the second Certificate of Disposition. It takes generally a week to receive a Certificate of Disposition and it is mailed by first class after receiving the receipt, if the client wants to acquire it sooner they can by an extra $20.00 for overnight shipping. More on the topic of the Certificate of Disposition can be found on the provided source.


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