More About Certificate of Dispostion

1A Certificate of Disposition is used to show how a criminal case has been adjudicated. It is sometimes useful for those who may have been convicted of a criminal offense to show that the case has been adjudicated in their favor, or is no longer a current issue. In New York you can hire a company that will go to the courthouse and get your certificate for you.

New York State

A legal company in New York State can get your Certificate of Disposition for you when you are looking for the choices you need in terms of getting a certificate for a background check or some other reason. We charge a flat free for certificate retrieval. Individuals can get their certificate in a no hassle way that is easy to do. It is one of the hassle free ways to get your certificate. Hire us to obtain the certificate needed.

Flat fee

A flat fee of 100 dollars plus 10 dollars for court costs will give you your certificate. this can be the option you need when you are looking for the certificate that might be right for you and can show how your criminal case was adjudicated.

No Hassle

We offer a no hassle guaranteed way to give you your certificate. It is one of the fastest ways to get the document you are looking to utilize. It is simply one of the ways that you might be able to get the choices that you can use. Our company features a fast turn around within one week, and copies of the certificate can be emailed or faxed to whomever you need them to go to.


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